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Heartland Soccer Association Newsletter
March 2020

Heartland Soccer Association 
Celebrates 40 Years of Soccer!
9161 W 133rd Street, Overland Park, KS 66213
Phone: 913-888-8768

Heartland Soccer Association is recognized as one
of the largest soccer leagues and tournament hosts in the country.
We offer recreational to premier divisions,  ages U8 through U19.
Concussion ImPACT Testing
2020 Midwest Mother's Day Classic
SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex
GARMIN Olathe Soccer Complex
May 8 - 10, 2020

The Midwest Mother's Day Classic of 2019 reached a record number of 449 teams including competition from 7 states. The Midwest Mother's Day Classic offers up to six levels of play ensuring that every team finds itself matched against similar competition. In addition to providing excellent competition, this tournament is formatted to be particularly family friendly.
The tournament will be hosted at the  SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex and  GARMIN Olathe Soccer Complex, where siblings can enjoy the multiple playgrounds, the skate park, or the tennis courts. Mothers will be honored on Sunday, when each player will be given a flower to present to their mother.

*Registration Closes April 6th*

Save the Date!
2020 KC Champions Cup
SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex
GARMIN Olathe Soccer Complex
2020 KC Champs Cup
2020 KC Champs Cup

April 17 - 19, 2020
The KC Champions Cup tournament is in its 13th year and is established as a top spring event and attracts teams from throughout the Midwest. This tournament will be open to teams of all levels of play within the following age divisions - Boys U8-U19 and Girls U8-U15. Seeding of teams ensures that everyone can compete against opponents of their own ability level.
*Registration Closed
Mar 13-15
League play/Academy Sports Shop Event Weekend for Heartland
Mar 20-22
Heartland Spring Cup / League Play
Mar 27-29
League Play
Apr 3-5
League Play
Apr 3-5
Dick's Sporting Good Discount Weekend for Heartland
Apr 10-11
League Play
Apr 12
Easter No Games
Apr 17-19
Kansas City Champions Cup Driven by Discount Tire / League Play
Apr 24-26
League Play
May 1-3
League Play
May 8-10
Midwest Mother's Day Classic/ League Play
May 15-17
Rainout Weekend
May 22-24
Kansas City Invitational Tournament
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at a Kansas or Missouri Restaurant Near You! 
8 Local Locations

2019/ 2020 Tournament Numbers
(number of teams)
Border Battle '20
Heartland Spring Cup '20 155
KC Champions Cup '19
Mother's Day Classic '19 449
Kansas City Invitational '19 282
Fall Kick Off Challenge '19
Heartland Midwest Classic '19
Midwest All Boys '19
Midwest All Girls '19
Heartland Invitational Girls  '19
Heartland Invitational Boys '19

*In the last 12 months Heartland welcomed teams
 from a total of 17 states and Canada.
Thank you to everyone for making Heartland Soccer recognized as THE LARGEST soccer league AND tournament host in the United States! Seriously, how cool is that?! We are so incredibly proud to be a part of this growing soccer community!
Heartland Soccer Association


2019/20 Heartland Numbers

Fall league teams '19
Spring league teams '20
League players 
Tournament teams
Tournament players 

Congratulations! U9 Synergy FC (OK) from your Futsal League took home the 2011 Girls National Championship.

Announcing the January winner of our 
Academy Sports  'Social Media Giveaway'  
Congratulations Nicole DeTar! Your photo was selected as the winner of the January Academy Sports + Outdoors contest. Enjoy your $50 gift card
Check out the Academy Sports Contest from February !

US Soccer National C License Coming to Kansas!

Kansas Youth Soccer is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a US Soccer C License Course in Kansas City, Kansas!

  Click Here for more information & to register for the courses.

This Month in History: March

The day was March 9th, 1908 and an Italian power house was about to be born. Inter Milan started their journey by breaking away from Milan Cricket and Football Club, now AC Milan. The group wanted to allow more foreign player and modeled their name to emphasize that. F.C. Internazionale Milano, a name that promotes players from all backgrounds and nationalities. Just two years after being formed the club won their first Italian Championship. They have 18 Serie A Championships, 7 Coppa Italia trophies and 3 UEFA Cups. Allowing all to play is highlights what soccer means to many and Inter Milan was founded on that principle. Diversity and variety help the sport grow and develop throughout the world it promotes cooperation and dedication through playing soccer.

Wahl, Martin. (Jan 8, 2020). FC Internazionale.
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2020 Heartland Referee Meeting Dates Announced!
Referees of all ages and experience levels  are encouraged to attend Heartland's monthly referee meetings!  Join us to learn tips and tricks for ARs and Referees, fun games, vital information, and fabulous prizes!  Parents are always welcome.  

Monday, April 6
Monday, May 4
Monday, August 3
Monday, September 14
Monday, October 5

Mentors meet 6 - 6:45 pm and Referees meet 7 - 8:30 pm   
Meetings will be held at the "Steve D. Scheels" Training Center in the northwest corner of the second floor of the SCHEELS store located at:

Congratulations to all our SCHEELS gift card winners!

From Left to Right:
  Alexis Flint, Margot Tuttle, Aiden Comeaux, Bennett Parish, Mason Garlich, Chloe Cooper, Aiden Flint, Calvin Seithel, Dru Thomas, Dylan Thomas,
 Jay Severson

Other gift card winners:  Rick Zuzenak, Sean Overton
 Nico Lazo, Haley Sachan, Gordie Wetmore, Nate Colling, Alan Rosenak, Frank Deslagen, Lucas Cuejilo, Jash Patel, Nicholas Edwards, Thomas Edwards, Irina Mikos

The Referee Blog
The Futsal Season has ended.  What did we learn that will help us have a successful outdoor Spring season?
Futsal season ends on a high note in Kansas City with the National Championship Tournament.  Teams from all over the country come to Kansas City with the goal of being the National Champion.  Their hopes are high because they have won their Regional Tournament. But, only one team in each age group can win it all.

For those of us who had the opportunity to work at this tournament three themes stood out:
  • Community
  • Coaching
  • Results
Community:  Some teams traveled a long distance to participate in the tournament. You couldn't miss the teams from Naples, Florida. The fans wore orange stocking caps and rocked the court at every match.  There were teams that represented cultures (for example, a Burmese club from Minnesota), and other teams that had players from multiple cultures. Every player and every fan showed their appreciation for skill, effort and teamwork.  

This is what we look forward to in the Spring outdoor league at Heartland.  Players, coaches and fans that know the game and appreciate skill and teamwork.  With a record number of teams registered we will be rewarded with an expanded view of Community.
Coaching:  During the tournament I had many opportunities to be at the scorer's table and to listen to the coaches as they tried to inspire their players.  For the most part the coaching was very positive, even when the result was not. One coach shared how his team had played the best half they ever did in the first half, and then commented that the second half was the worst half they had played this season. 

Another coach was excited because his team had come back to win in the last minute of the previous match but had to watch his team lose in the semi-final match, again in the last minute. Despite the results (remember in every match there was a team that did not win), the majority of the coaching was positive.  The coaches encouraged their players to do their best, to utilize the skills and tactics they had been working on and recognized that effort and getting better was the goal of each match. It was a pleasure to thank these coaches for their positive attitudes under stress. While there were some coaches that made me flinch because of the negative comments they made to their players, they were a small minority, not the norm.

I am sure we will have the opportunity to experience the same coaching styles during the Spring season outdoors.  The key to effective coaching is to remember we are all there for the players and the game. It is interesting to note that there are 133 teams at U9 and only 63 teams at U16.  Of course, there are many reasons why someone would stop playing soccer as they get older. We hope that coaching and not enjoying the game any more are not major contributors to the drop off.

Results:  This was a National tournament with the participants being the winners of their Regionals, so everyone came with the expectation of leaving with the Championship trophy.  But, only one team per age group went home with a trophy. Winning is definitely more enjoyable than not winning. Every team that played got a result and learned what they did well and how they could do better.  This is what competition is all about.  

I talked about the community and the coaching.  We did have some matches where coaches and players were dismissed.  Sometimes it was the fault of the Officiating team (they made an incorrect decision), and sometimes it was the player's fault (they made a bad decision in trying to do their job).  Each coach and player in this tournament apologized when their actions were unacceptable. Everyone recognized that no one is perfect. Well, almost everyone. There was one coach who blamed his loss on the officiating.  Only one and only in one match.
I read a post a couple of weeks ago about a college women's match.  The Athletic Director excused her team's result because she thought the officiating was horrible.  It was interesting to read the comments to this post. Most of the comments wondered what lesson she was giving to her players.  To do your best, or to blame the loss on the officials. 

We know results are important.  Even more important is learning how to get better, how to respect the other team, and learning from mistakes.  This is what we tell our Referees too. No one ever does a perfect game. Not as a coach. Not as a player. And, not as a Referee.
The themes we observed in the National Championship Tournament are relevant to what we will see during the Spring season atHeartland.  Let's take advantage of the opportunity to experience community, appreciate coaching that builds soccer players and young men and women, and enjoy when we win or when we don't.  Being in the arena is a victory. Having the opportunity to show our skills, and to get better is a victory.  
We look forward to seeing you at the complexes this Spring to experience the beautiful game we all enjoy and love.  

First time checking out The Midfielder?
Executive Director Shane Hackett explains why this is a 
great tool for players, coaches and parents. 

Other 2020 Courses Coming this Spring 2020!

US Soccer D License - Wichita, Kansas

Dates:    Part 1 - March 27-29, 2020
Dates:    Part 2 - May 22-24, 2020
Location:  Stryker Soccer Complex;
2999 N. Greenwich Rd. Wichita, KS 67226
Registration Details:     CLICK HERE


Register for the...

Grassroots In Person - 4v4 License
Date:    Friday April 3, 2020
Location:  Pinnacle National Development Center;
1913 Pinnacle Way, Kansas City, 66111
Registration Details:   CLICK HERE

Get FREE Registration for the...

Grassroots In Person - 11v11 License
Date:    Saturday April 25, 2020
Location:  Pinnacle National Development Center;
1913 Pinnacle Way, Kansas City, 66111
Registration Details:   CLICK HERE

Why take this special BOGO Coaching Education Deal? 
For those wanting to take a US Soccer Grassroots D License, the requirements for entry are two Grassroots In-Person courses (one of which must be 11v11) and one online Grassroots Course in order to register for the Grassroots D License. These two courses would fulfill this requirement in time for a Grassroots D Course to be scheduled later this year in 2020!  Don't miss out on this offer!  

2020 ODP Interregional Showcase
Memphis, TN

Kansas Youth Soccer hosted an ODP Interregional event February 15-17, 2020 at Mike Rose Soccer Complex and here are some of the highlights. 
  • 150 Kansas Players on 11 KS ODP Teams participated in the event
  • KS ODP teams Competed against ODP teams from two USYS Regions,  an estimated 2,300 Player  from across 12 States, including: 
    • Alabama
    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Iowa
    • Kansas
    • Kentucky
    • Mississippi
    • Missouri
    • Nebraska
    • Ohio South
    • Oklahoma
    • Tennessee
  • All Players got the chance to play in front of 
    • US Soccer Scouts
    • Midwest Regional Scouts
    • South Regional Scouts
    • College Coaches
    • MLS Scouts from 6 MLS Clubs.
  • Event Pool Games were played by the top players in each age group as selected by coaches and scouts at the event, included 412 Players selected for pool games, of which 21 were representing Kansas ODP.  Players representing KS ODP:
    • Connor Brummett - 03 Boy
    • Jesus Campos - 03 Boy
    • Quentin Nutt - 03 Boy
    • Ryan Thompson - 03 Boy
    • Timmy Chick - 04 Boy
    • Cade Martin - 04 Boy
    • Eric Mendoza - 04 Boy
    • Diego Muller - 04 Boy
    • Dylan Ashford - 05 Boy
    • Ben Cramer - 05 Boy
    • Gavin Harte - 06 Boy
    • Nicholas Schrag - 06 Boy
    • William Bowne - 07 Boy
    • Olivia Clemons - 05 Girl
    • Annie Conklin - 06 Girl
    • Coroline Lyddanne - 06 Girl
    • Emerson Sullivan - 06 Girl
    • Emily Woelk - 06 Girl
    • Libby Cramer - 07 Girl
    • Mia Herbert - 07 Girl
    • Sophia Mir - 07 Girl
    • Katherine Van Deventer - 07 Girl
Congrats to all our Kansas ODP teams and those players selected for the event pool games. Way to represent Kansas Youth Soccer!!!
#KansasODP #KansasYouthSoccer #USYouthSoccer 
Sign the petition and show the world that Kansas City deserves to be a host city for the WORLD CUP!!!

Sign the Petition

Kansas City - In The Heart of It All

#KC2026 #United2026

"Why be a critic when YOU can be THE REFEREE!"

Register Now to become a referee! New Entry Level Referee Courses Available Now! Just click the link below to find one near you!

Go behind the scenes at Children's Mercy Park! Learn about the history of Sporting KC and take a look at the Pitch, Press Box, Broadcast Booth, Locker Room & more! For more information contact Kylie Perkins at
[email protected]  or 913-912-7578.
If you have a referee, coach, club, team or player accomplishment or a  photo that you would like to share please email:
 Katie Falco at  [email protected]  

Dear Coaches and Teams,
Heartland Soccer Association are aware of and monitoring developments in Kansas City regarding the COVID - 19.  Kansas City's Health Department is leading our preparation and is working closely with several other city health departments across the nation. Additionally, cities and counties across our state are working together to share information and we will keep working with our regional partners to keep the public safe.
Effective immediately, after each game, players should not shake hands with the other team but just acknowledge them as they leave the field. Accordingly, Team Captain's will not shake hands prior to the game with each other and game officials. 
The latest news reminds all of us to continue with prevention techniques. Remember to wash your hands, cover coughs, stay home if you are sick, and greet friends without shaking hands.
Currently, no federal, state or local officials have issued any restrictions on attending public events. The City of Kansas City has no plans to cancel any events, unless circumstances change. 
"We urge people to prevent the spread of any disease by washing your hands thoroughly and often, covering your cough, and stay home if you feel sick," said Dr. Rex Archer, KCMO Health Department Director.  "And greet people with a friendly smile instead of shaking hands."
Whether it's a cold, the flu or coronavirus, it's always a good idea for people who have a cough, fever or shortness of breath to stay home and get well, rather than attend events.
As event planners we remind attendees of these healthy guidelines. Also, we'll make sure to have extra hand sanitizers available, and frequently restock soap and paper towels in venue bathrooms. 
Heartland Soccer

Please pass this info on to your team!
2020 Awards Gala
2020 Awards Gala Video Recap

The 2020 Border Battle Soccer Tournament was held over the last weekend of February at the SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex. We had a great, competitive weekend and a wonderful turnout. Thank you to all the teams that participated and a big shoutout to the teams that traveled in from over seven states!

Discount Tire Approaches Second Year in Partnership with the Heartland Soccer Association and the Kansas City Champions Cup

Overland Park, KS (March 15, 2020) - Heartland Soccer Association, a nonprofit organization, is excited to continue our relationship with Discount Tire the Official Tire Supplier of Heartland Soccer Association, as well as the title sponsor of the Kansas City Champions Cup Driven by Discount Tire. Heartland Soccer Association is the region's largest youth soccer league with 21,000 players ranging from ages 9 - 19 participating each season for league play. Heartland also hosts multiple tournaments each year, including the Kansas City Champions Cup, which is in its 13th year and has been established as a top spring event that attracts 475-plus teams from throughout the Midwest. The Kansas City Champions Cup Driven by Discount Tire will be held April 17-19, 2020 at the SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex and the Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex.

This far-reaching partnership with Discount Tire is part of an ongoing commitment to elevate youth soccer as a vehicle for developing well-rounded children both on-and-off the field. "When it comes to buying new tires, Discount Tire is an undisputed leader and we are proud to have them as our partner." explained Shane Hackett, Heartland Soccer Executive Director

"We look forward to our continued partnership with Heartland Soccer," said Bob Henderson, Discount Tire Vice President - Heartland Region. "With their core values of sportsmanship, integrity, discipline, respect, leadership and excellence, it made perfect sense to support their efforts through the newly rebranded Kansas City Champions Cup Driven by Discount Tire."

As part of the partnership, Discount Tire will deliver unique programming and engagement to the Heartland Soccer Association teams, attendees onsite at the Kansas City Champions Cup and in the local community. 

About Discount Tire
Discount Tire, based in Scottsdale, Ariz., is the world's largest independent tire and wheel retailer. Founded in 1960 by Bruce Halle, the company does business under the trade name Discount Tire in most of the U.S., America's Tire in parts of California, and as Discount Tire Direct in markets outside the reach of retail stores. The company currently serves customers as their trusted neighborhood tire retailer at more than 1,000 stores in 35 states across the country. Discount Tire is heavily involved in motorsports, serving as a primary sponsor of the No. 2 Ford Mustang driven by Brad Keselowski in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, as well as the No. 22 Ford Mustang driven by Austin Cindric in the NASCAR XFINITY Series. Discount Tire is also the official wheel and tire retailer of Monster Energy AMA Supercross. For more information, visit or like Discount Tire on Facebook at 

About Heartland Soccer Association
Heartland Soccer Association is the region's largest youth soccer league with approximately 1,500 league teams, 3,000 tournament teams, 72,000 players, 4,000 coaches and 2,000 referees participating annually. Heartland Soccer Association was formed in 1977 as the Johnson County Soccer League and has grown from an initial 600 players to its current size. Today Heartland Soccer Association is a nonprofit and educational youth soccer association. Although the base for Heartland Soccer is still in Johnson County, it now draws teams to play in the league from throughout the metro area. The Heartland tournaments draw teams from as many as a dozen states every year. For more information, visit

1) What do you love most about the spring season? Spring is my favorite time of year. It's the growing season and things start to bloom. There's a lot of excitement in the air that comes from our indoor seasons.  
2) How will this season compare to previous seasons?  This will be our first Spring season all on turf. GARMIN Olathe Complex is up and is looking great with all the new signage, windscreens and digitals displays.   
3) What is your advice for student-athletes balancing both school and sports? Keep a calendar of all assignment due dates and test dates. You will have a much easier time organizing your life if you schedule your practice and game dates and times alongside assignment due dates and test dates. Don't put off assignments and projects. Get them done and out of the way while keeping ahead of due dates and deadlines.
4) Which spring tourney is your favorite?  Champions Cup because of the number of teams that travel in from out of state. I was on the phone with the hotel group yesterday and we already have over 80 hotels that are housing teams and don't have enough. Great problem to have.  
5) Any updates or news we need to be aware of?  I'll just share my thoughts on where we are with KC soccer. I'm grateful that we have so many individual cities that have worked with us to develop these world class soccer specific complexes. What an incredible opportunity we have for our kids to grow up playing here.
March Health Tip:
How Can a Concussion Affect Me at School?

Recovering from a concussion can mean being sidelined during sports. It can also affect a student's school performance because it's a type of brain injury.
All injured body parts take time to heal, even brains. After a concussion, your child needs physical and mental rest. Doing schoolwork and being in a classroom can make the symptoms of a concussion worse. This means the brain takes longer to heal, so a child might not do as well on tests or be able to return to sports as fast as he or she would like.

These are all reasons why you'll want your child to follow your doctor's instructions about what to do - and what not to do - while they recover. If your child's treatment is to stay home and rest, do it. Having a concussion can affect a child at school in a number of ways:
* More tired than usual.
* Feel irritable, sad, or emotional.
* Trouble concentrating, thinking, or making decisions.
* Dizzy spells or headaches.
* Difficulty with coordination and balance.
* Trouble learning new concepts or remembering what you've learned.

All of these concussion symptoms can make it hard to do the things you need to do at school, like reading, writing, focusing, and even walking around campus.

Many teens who get concussions usually recover within 1-2 weeks, but others may take longer. But what if you have an important test or essay during that time?

Explaining the injury to teachers
Most teachers know about the healing process and will understand a student's treatment plan. If your young athlete is diagnosed with a concussion and has been cleared by a doctor to go to school, tell the teachers about the injury. That way they'll understand any difficulties your child might have in the classroom. Sometimes we recommend that the student has a light workload or reschedule tests.

Remind your student to tell his or her teacher if they experience any concussion symptoms at school, like headaches or dizzy spells. You also should let the school nurse and administrators know about your concussion in case your symptoms get worse or your child needs to go home.

The main thing is to avoid another head injury. Another head injury when you already have a concussion can lead to a condition called second-impact syndrome. Although very rare, second impact syndrome can cause lasting brain damage and even death. So you'll want to avoid sports or rough play on the school grounds or in gym class.

To help your student focus better and keep any problems under control while at school, try these tips:

*Sit where she can focus. Choose a desk near the front of the classroom or in a spot where there is less distraction.
*Write down everything he needs to remember. Since his memory may not be back to normal, avoid stress by writing down homework assignments or things he needs to do.
*Ask if you can record the lesson. If your child has trouble listening and writing notes at the same time, find out if she can record what the teacher says with a phone or a voice recorder.
*If he starts noticing symptoms, like a headache or sensitivity to light, have him take a break before they have a chance to get worse. Go to the school nurse and find a quiet place to lie down and give your brain a rest.
*Ease back into things. Start off by doing one thing at a time and limiting her workload. Then gradually start doing more and being more active as she gets better.

HCA Midwest Health is the official healthcare provider for Heartland Soccer Association and we work with parents and coaches to keep athletes safe and on the field of play year round, learn more about our services at 
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Coaches Corner

Dear All,

Apparently Spring weather may begin sometime soon!!

We are officially up and running. The winter coats may be able to be stored at this time.

Our scheduler is working very hard at your reschedule requests, but please remember that there is very little room for movement due to the number of teams in the league and the vast majority of game slots are full for the season. We understand that conflicts happen but please make every effort to play the originally scheduled games. If you must reschedule please be as flexible as possible with the requested dates and times.

We are still looking for more referees in our leagues. Please go to the following website if you, your player or anyone that you know could be interested. It is a great way to make some extra money, stay in shape and give back to the game.  

Have fun watching the kids play. Thanks as always for your support of the league.


Heartland Staff

 Congratulations to Acacia Weis (Salina, KS) for representing Kansas ODP and Kansas Rush Wichita at the 2019 US Youth Soccer ODP Girls Thanksgiving Interregional in Boca Raton, Florida last week. Acacia played for the 2005 Midwest team that finishes the event with a 1-1-1 record highlighted by a 3-2 win vs East ODP. Congrats Acacia and way to represent Kansas Youth Soccer! #KansasODP #KansasYouthSoccer #USYouthSoccer
The Referee Corner
Infractions that can ONLY be committed by a Goalie ... 
Last night Heartland Referee Development team held our first Referee Meeting for the Spring Season.  The mission of these meetings is to help our Referees, help themselves so they can provide a better service for their Customers (players, coaches and fans) every week.
In these sessions we share incidents from League matches with the goal of getting your Referees to consistently apply the Laws of the Game.  We used the Jeopardy game format (modified - we ask the questions and the participants give us the answer based on the Laws of the Game). 

Our Final Jeopardy question was:
A teammate deliberately kicks the ball back to his/her goalkeeper, who then picks the ball up with their hands.  What is this called and how do you restart?
We got lucky on this question because it was an area of interest by the 73 Referees who attended the meeting.  Let's see what the Laws of the Game say should happen in this situation:
Law 12 states that "An indirect free kick is awarded if a goalkeeper, inside their penalty area, commits any of the following offenses:
  • Controls the ball with the hand for more than 6 seconds before releasing it
  • Touches the ball with the hands after:
    • Releasing it and before it has touched another player
    • It has been deliberately kicked to the goalkeeper by a team-mate
    • Receiving it directly from a throw-in taken by a team-mate
This makes sense because Goalkeepers are allowed to use their hands in their penalty area, and this capability is only given to Goalkeepers.  But there are instances where they are not permitted to pick the ball up with their hands.
Getting back to our Final Jeopardy question - the situation is called a "pass back" and the Law is very specific on what it takes for a pass back infraction to occur.  
  • The ball must be deliberately kicked by a team-mate.  The instructions provided to Referees is that kicking means it is played with the foot.  It is permissible for the goalkeeper to pick up a ball that has been headed, chested or kneed back to the goalkeeper.  
  • And, deliberately means that the team-mate's intent was to play the ball to his/her goalkeeper.  This is where it gets more difficult to make the decision.
    • What if the goalkeeper's team-mate was trying to clear the ball and it went off their foot and went back to the goalkeeper?  Is this deliberate or is this accidental? The decision made by the Referee will determine if the goalkeeper can pick the ball up with their hands without a whistle.  The older and more skilled the players are, the more the odds increase for the play being deliberate.
  • The restart should always be an Indirect Free Kick for the attacking team from the spot where the infraction occurred.  If it occurs in the goal area (aka, the 6-yard box), the restart will be on the goal area line perpendicular to where the infraction occurred.
Every weekend we hear about Referees that award a Penalty Kick when a pass-back occurs.  This is a mistake. We continue to work with our Referees to educate them to award the correct restart.  This scenario is stressed in all Referee education offerings as we did at last night's Referee meeting.
If your Referee calls a pass-back and awards a Penalty Kick have your coach let us know.  And, if your Referee calls a pass-back and awards an Indirect Free Kick to the attacking team, let them know that you appreciate their efforts in understanding of and correctly applying the Laws of the Game.

Papa J ohn's Heartland Referee Spotlight:

Q&A with Evie!
When did you start reffing?  Fall 2018
What made you decide to get certified to referee?   I needed to work and I love soccer it was a natural fit. 
What is your favorite part about reffing?  Seeing the game from a different perspective.
What is a life lesson you feel you have learned from reffing?  You can't make everyone happy.
What level of referee to you aspire to be?  Be able to ref a State game
Do you play soccer? Yes for  SBV DA u19, Goalkeeper
How long have you played soccer? Since I was 5 yrs old, 11 years. 
Do you participate in any sports/activities?  DA soccer and high school basketball.
What was the last book you read? Cabin at the End of the World.  It's a murder mystery  
What types of movies do you like? Comedy   
What was the last movie you saw? Peanut Butter Falcon. There were lots of funny parts.  I like that they became a family in the end
What is your favorite sports team?  Oklahoma State Cowgirls Soccer Team

Coaching Courses for 2020 to be announced soon!

To get course details and learn how to register CLICK HERE

Matt Gordon
Coaching Education Department
10529 South Warwick St. | Olathe, KS 66061
[email protected]
We want your photos!

Heartland Soccer Association is seeking action photo shots of kids of all ages and abilities playing soccer in Heartland League Games or Tournaments.  Submitted photos may be included in Heartland Tournament, League and other promotional materials as well as social media posts.

Instructions for submitting photos:
All submitted photo files must be .jpg format, must be a minimum of 1,200 x 1,600 pixels, and no larger than 2 MB in size.  Submitting a photo doesn't guarantee that it will be used.
By submitting a photo for consideration for use in Heartland Soccer Association promotional materials, you agree that:
1.  You are the sole author of the photograph and control all rights for its use.  The photograph is original.  You have the rights to grant usage of the photograph as stated below.  There has been no prior sale, publication or transfer of rights to the photograph. The photograph shall not contain any libelous or scandalous matter.  To the best of your knowledge, the photograph's creation, publication and use shall not infringe any copyright, right of privacy or right of publicity, or infringe or violate any right of any third party.
2.    You grant to Heartland Soccer Association all rights to use the photograph in any and all forms of media, including but not limited to electronic, digital media and print.
3.     You allow Heartland Soccer Association the right to edit, revise, adapt and crop the photo as necessary.
Send Photo submissions to: [email protected]

Registration Deadline is March 9 th , 2020!

2020 Kansas State Cup:
Winners of State Cup advance to the Midwest Regional Championships in Westfield, IN June 19 th - 24 th , 2020!  #KSStateCup  #RoadToKS

2020 Kansas Presidents Cup:
Winners of Presidents Cup advance to the Midwest Presidents Cup in St. Louis, MO June 11 th , - 15 th , 2020!   #KSPresidentsCup  #RoadToNV

2020 Kansas Jr. State Cup:
Games may be played from May 29 th - June 2 nd , 2020.  #KSJrStateCup  #TeamKansas

Register Now for 2019-2020 Kansas ODP!

Kansas ODP is looking for the very best youth players looking to enhance their technical and tactical ability as a player.  Players born from 2003-2008 are eligible to participate in these player evaluation trainings that take place throughout the year.  Kansas ODP is separate from your club team and you train with players from across Kansas.  

NEED MORE DETAILED INFORMATION? CLICK HERE or contact the Kansas ODP Administrator. 
Amy Cramer
Kansas ODP Administrator
10529 South Warwick St. | Olathe, KS 66061
[email protected] D irect Line:  913-991-3690

Get certified to be a referee!
As our local soccer community grows, the need for new and experienced referees continues.  Join America's Largest Soccer League.  More details on referee meeting schedules, training and education can be found on the 

Sign Up to Become a Referee for the Spring 2020 Season.
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