Coaches FAQ

We are new to HSA. Does our team have to start in the lowest division?
No. We base our seedings on information received from your team and try to allocate them to a division that we deem to be competitive.
Does HSA have relegation?
Yes, it is based on stats from the season and division competitiveness.
How does seeding work for each season?
We base the majority of our seeding on the results and stats from the previous season. Then we allocate special requests and new teams into those groups. Final seeding is completed by a seeding committee comprised of club technical directors and HSA Staff. The ultimate goal of seeding is to have teams play like competition.
Which fields are available for reschedules?
The reschedule system is fluid so fields are being taken at all times. Please follow the policy on our website for the most efficient solution.
How do I get my child on a team?
HSA is a scheduling organization, please contact your local club for team information.
How does my child become a referee?
Please click on the link and follow the instructions given therein. To sign-up for classes
How can I contact the Heartland office?

You can call (913) 888-8768 between the hours of 10am – 3pm. You can also reach the office via email at [email protected].

I need the phone number for a coach.
You can find the phone number for a current coach and/or manager under the “Coach Resources > Team Contacts and Seedings tab”. Then click on the coach’s age bracket under Boy’s/Girls Premier/Recreational divisions. Click here to be redirected to this page.
My score is wrong.
You may submit your correct score (coaches only) under the “Coach Resources > Score Correction” tab. Click here to be redirected to this page
I want to file a comment and/or complaint (coach/referee/office/field marshals etc.).
You can submit comments at any time online under the “Contact Us > League Office” tab. Click here to be taken to this page.
I need to get a new player card.
You need to contact the registrar that made your original cards.
Do I need a travel form to play games or tournaments?
All teams from outside the State of Kansas need travel permits. Travel Forms are available online at You will need a separate permit for tournament and league games.
The referee didn't give me my cards back.
Check with the Field Managers office during the weekend. For directions to the fields, go to the Field Locations page. On the Monday after the weekend, cards are returned to the main Heartland office. The address for the main Heartland office is 6450 Sprint Pkwy Suite A Overland Park, KS 66211.
The other team won't return my phone call to reschedule game.
Keep office staff informed. We have other means of contacting team. However we cannot force a team into a reschedule.
Can I play on more than one team?
Premier players may play on multiple premier teams, please check our rule 3.04 for restrictions. Recreational players may guest on a premier team but not on a second recreational team.
How do I find out if games are canceled due to weather?
Call the Heartland Rainout line at 913-307-3684, or refer to the Field conditions page of this website. Additionally, our weather app is tied into social media for updates including Facebook and Twitter.
Where are Heartland League and Tournament games played?
We schedule games at the following locations. All of the complexes are synthetic turf fields.
Do I need a coaching license to coach at Heartland?
Yes, if you are a competitive or premier coach. All competitive coaches U8 and above are required to have at minimum a USSF F coaching license in order to participate in a competitive/premier leagues in the state of Kansas. Heartland is sanctioned by KSYSA and therefore the rule is in place for all teams playing in the competitive/premier divisions. Recreational coaches with teams playing in recreational divisions are exempt. Any coach that does not have at least a USSF F license can click here to access the online course.