Meet Our Referee Development Program Staff

Heartland Soccer is proud of the staff managing the Referee Development Program. Each of the staff members have game-experience as a Referee and as an Assistant Referee. They have worked across multiple levels of competition (Recreational, Premier, State Cup, Adults, Regionals, Nationals, and for some Professional). Their knowledge base accelerates the development of the Referees who work the Heartland matches.

Huw Savage – Referee Assignor

Huw has an extensive background in soccer both personally and professionally. Born in Wales, he played collegiate soccer at the Institute of Sport, Wales before coming to the USA to coach youth soccer in 1995. Huw worked for 16 years with GSI Sports hosting 15 events which included Showcase KC, The Elite 120 College Showcase, Sporting Club 3v3 Classic and many more.

“I’m excited about my new role as Referee Director and Assignor with Heartland,” stated Huw Savage.  “I’ve worked with Gordon and Jeff for many years and both have done an incredible job working and scheduling referees for all the great tournaments and leagues held in Kansas City! I hope I can continue with the legacy and provide a wonderful experience for the thousands of players who attend the games!”

Kyle Atkins – Referee Academy Director

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Kyle is a Heartland success story. He began his Referee career at Heartland in 2001. He has demonstrated skills and commitment to improvement which have resulted in his earning multiple upgrades (from Grade 8 to State Referee Grade 5 and most recently to a Professional Referee in January, 2015). Kyle has been awarded assignments in multiple Adult and Youth international competitions as well as Intercollegiate competitions. Kyle has been a Field Marshall and a Referee Mentor for the Heartland Soccer Association since 2011.

Kyle’s primary responsibilities are to recruit new Referees, to assist in the identification of those Referees who show high potential to move up, and to develop, deliver and manage the Referee Academy Clinics.

Emily Fletcher – Referee Development Program and Academy Coordinator

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Emily is one of our many Heartland success stories. She started her career as a player and began her Referee career in 2007. She set high goals for herself and worked hard to be more successful every year. In 2010 Emily was selected as the Kansas Young Referee of the Year. In 2011 she qualified for the State Referee upgrade. Since then she has been selected for assignments at the Dallas Cup, US Youth President’s Cup Regionals and National Championships, and US Youth Regionals and National Championships. She is a certified Intercollegiate Referee and has worked International and Professional matches. She has been a Field Marshall and a Mentor at Heartland for multiple years.

Emily’s primary responsibilities include the Mentoring, Education and Referee clinics. Emily assists in the identification and training of Mentors, works with the Referee Development Directors to recruit new Referees, assists in the identification of those Referees who show high potential, and using her experience and expertise is a critical member of the Referee Development Academy Clinics mentoring and consulting with these high potential Referees for their continued development and career progression to the higher levels of officiating.

Rich Kaminsky – Director of Referee Programs and Operations

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Rich has been involved in the development of Kansas Referees since 1985. Rich first certified as a USSF Referee in 1990. In addition to being a Referee, he is a certified State Instructor, State Assessor, and Assignor. Rich is a member of the Kansas State Referee Committee and has been a part of this organization since its inception.

Rich manages programs as directed by the Heartland Soccer Association Executive Director and the Director of Officials, to support the Directors in the delivery of their missions and responsibilities, and to ensure that investments and goals are properly managed.