The Sports Quiz

Question: What Is Kansas City’s Most Attended Sport?

Answer: It’s Heartland Soccer

Each season Heartland Soccer’s Scheels Overland Park Soccer Complex, GARMIN Olathe Soccer Complex, Compass Minerals Sporting Fields, and Swope Soccer Village welcome over 2+ million soccer enthusiasts and family members. Visitors to the parks range from parents, grandparents and siblings of youth players, players ranging from ages 9 to 19, referees and coaches.

The Heartland Soccer website receives over 2.9 million website impressions per year.

The Soccer Family Lifestyle:

When not on the field, soccer families are on the go. Whether they are surfing the internet, playing video games, or on the road to a tournament, game, or practice, soccer families retain active lifestyles.

The Active Soccer Player:

Today, more kids participate in soccer than any other youth sport. Players enjoy soccer as a lifestyle, and more than a game; they compete for the excitement, enjoyment, challenge, and lessons of success. These players are well connected: 95% have internet access and 22% have a cell phone.

The “Soccer Mom”:

The “Soccer Mom” is now part of a lexicon for those who would describe the basic American Family Culture. Nationally they are:

  • Affluent – 67% have annual incomes greater than $60,000. 43% have annual incomes greater than $80,000.

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