Becoming a Referee

USSF Certification is Step 1

Heartland Soccer Association is recognized as the largest soccer league and tournament host in the United States. As a metropolitan association (we play across state lines in Kansas and Missouri and host teams from 16 states) our scope is larger than a single state.
Referees are a critical part of the Heartland ecosystem. Heartland Soccer Association is required to use only USSF Certified Referees. The information on how to achieve USSF Certification can be found at the following sites:

Note: Certification in either state qualifies you to work any USSF sanctioned matches. This includes Missouri and Kansas and any other states and allows Heartland, which plays in both states to comply.

2023 Referee Recertifcation Help Guide

What you need to know and do to get outdoor assignments at Heartland?

  • Contact Information
  • Heartland ID Number Registration and game assigning process
    • Register with Heartland Soccer Association to get your ID number
    • The Game assigning process
      • Availability
      • Scheduling
      • Confirmation
  • Getting paid

Contact Information

Heartland Soccer Association Office
6450 Sprint Pkwy Suite A
Overland Park, KS 66211

Phone: 913-888-8768
Fax: 913-888-0362
Heartland Rainout Line: 913-307-3684

Referee Assignor Email: [email protected]
Only for SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex, GARMIN Olathe Soccer Complex, Compass Minerals Fields, Swope Soccer Village

The Referee ID number and Game Assigning Process

Step 1: Register with Heartland – letting the Assignor and the Office know who you are and how to contact you

  • Go to the Heartland Soccer Association website and complete the Referee Information Form
  • All Referees should complete the Information Form each season
  • When you have completed the form and press “SUBMIT AVAILABILITY TO REFEREE ASSIGNOR” you will be directed to the additional forms that will be used by the office for payments

The Assigning of a Heartland ID Number

Step 2: Complete, Sign and return to the office the following forms

  • Independent Contractors Agreement Form
  • W9 – for tax reporting – (Must have your official name)
  • Direct Deposit Authorization (all payments are made electronically only) provide verification – Checking account – a voided check – Savings account – letter from bank showing name on account, routing and account numbers

Once the forms are processed in the office a unique Heartland Soccer Referee Id number is assigned. This number is linked to your pay, please remember it.

The Game Assigning Process

Step 3: The game assigning process is based on e-mail communications. It is critical that your e-mail address is current.

  1. Each week you (the Referee) will check the Heartland Soccer Website under the Referee tab – Assignment & Schedules and complete the availability form
  2. The Referee Assignor will upload the upcoming weekends assignment-schedules on a Tuesday/Wednesday.
    Games needing referees will have a yellow highlighted spot.
  3. To respond to the Referee Assignor complete the availability portion below the spreadsheet
  4. Check back to see that the Referee Assignor has seen your request and added you to the open spot
  5. To confirm the assignment, complete the Referee Assignment Form (your name/spot will now be in green)

Your Game Day Administration

Step 4: The payment process starts with you completing the game cards for your assigned matches.

  1. Record the score on the game card
  2. Complete your name and your Heartland assigned Referee ID number
    1. The Center Referee should assure that the Assistant Referees also complete this information
    2. Correctly completed cards are your time sheet
  3. Put the completed game cards in the container at your field
    1. Make sure all incident reports (Yellow and Red cards, etc.) are completed and submitted
    2. Keep your own record of games worked so you can make sure your pay is correct

Getting Paid

Step 5: Game cards are provided to the Heartland office. The Heartland payment process is by Direct Deposit only into the account you provided. It is critical that your account information is current.

  1. You should receive an automated email on the Thursday before the pay date that gives you a detailed pay sheet.
  2. The email will come from [email protected]. This address will never send marketing emails. However an unsubscribe link is included anyway. If you unsubscribe from pay sheet emails you must email us or submit the form below.
  3. Compare this detailed pay sheet against your records to make sure it is accurate
    1. If there is a pay discrepancy email [email protected]
    2. Include your name, ref id #, date, time, location, field and position worked
  4. Referees are paid about every two weeks after the game(s) League and Tournament are paid separately. Pay dates are listed at the following URLs:
    1. Spring/Fall League
    2. Winter League
    3. Futsal League

Suppression Removal

If you unsubscribed from Referee Pay Sheet emails you can check and remove the block with the form below

Enter your email address to check the suppression list.