Guest Player Forms

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A maximum of three guest players are allowed per team per game. Teams may not exceed the maximum number of players allowed on the game day roster by adding guest players. Players may only play for one team within a subdivision, i.e. they may not dual roster or guest play with another team in the same sub division. Players may guest play or dual roster “up”, but not “down” within their age group. For example, a U14 Division 2 primary rostered player may guest play with a Division 1 team, but not with a Division 3 team. That player may NOT play in any division lower than Div 2 in his/her own age group.

A player primary rostered to a team that is older than his/her actual age group may guest or dual roster with a team playing in highest division of his/her actual age group. For example an actual U14 player who is primary rostered to a U15 team may play as a guest or dual roster player with a U14 Division 1 team. Once a player has played a game for their primary roster team, they are not permitted to change their primary status and play for a lower division team within the league for that season. They are also not permitted to play for a second team within that division during that season.

Players can only double roster or guest play up to 2 divisions within an age group. E.G. A U10 D4 primary rostered player, can only guest play or be secondary rostered to a U10 D2 team and no higher.

Players can guest play or be secondary rostered up to the next age group without limitations. Club pass rules for 11v11 teams will mirror the double roster/guest player rules.

There will be no club pass rosters accepted by the league for 8v8 and below. The teams (11v11) using the club pass system must submit all rosters with the players being used on multiple teams, clearly marked as to which is their primary and secondary team.  For all club pass teams, the team must carry a laminated, league approved roster to coincide with their player pass cards to each game clearly indicating the name of each player designated to that team for HSA league play. All guest player forms must be taken to the game and submitted to the referee. Failure to do so will result in the player being excluded from the game and possibly a forfeit.