Kansas City Invitational

Registration Deadline:
April 19, 2021








Registration is Closed

Playing Formats Cost
U-8 to U-10 (7 v 7) $550 for 7 v 7 teams
U-11 to U-12 (9 v 9) $625 for 9 v 9 teams
U-13 to U-19 (11 v 11) $795 for 11 v 11 teams
Kansas City Invitational is the single largest soccer tournament in Kansas City and consistently sells out. This tournament offers four different levels of competition: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Recreational. Teams have traveled from 14 different states to play in the Kansas City Invitational. Appropriate seeding of teams ensures that everyone can compete against opponents of their own ability level.

  • Play at the ‘State of the art’ $36 million Scheels Overland Park Soccer Complex and Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex
  • Great central location in Overland Park and Olathe
  • Great hotel options to suit every team budget and taste
  • 12 tournament-quality synthetic turf fields
  • Lighted fields for night use
  • Great competition from all over the Midwest
  • The holiday weekend allows for more relaxed game and travel schedules
  • Excellent referees
  • The complex includes a multi-purpose building with concession areas
  • Scoreboards, signage and other exciting amenities on location
  • Local attractions including Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead and St Andrew’s Golf course adjacent to complex

    Online Check In (Deadline - Wednesday, at Midnight prior to tournament start date)


    Please note: All teams must check in online.


    The Kansas City Invitational Tournament will be using online Team Check-In (OCI) Teams will upload all documents at the HTG Sports site. Once you have completed this, you will just need to present your player cards at the field prior to each game. There is no in person check in. Please note that all teams are responsible for ensuring that completed medical release forms are always maintained and available for every player.

    Required Documents

    • Official State Roster
    • Guest Player Permits (if applicable)
    • Travel Permit (if applicable)

    All teams will submit their player cards to one of the match officials prior to the start of each game.

    Following are the steps to complete the Online Team Check-In process:

    1. Login at www.htgsports.net. If you have never logged in before, enter the email address used to register the team as the user ID and password. Do not look for the registration under the coach e-mail address
    2. Click your name in the top right corner of the page, then the "My Sports" button.
    3. In the "My Documents" section you can upload any of your documents (e.g. Official State Roster, Travel Permit (if applicable) & Guest Player Permit (if applicable).
    4. Snap pictures of your check-in paperwork with your camera phone or scan them in on a copier in .pdf, .jpg or .png format
    5. Click the Add Documents link in the middle of the page to upload all of your documents.
    6. At the bottom of the page under the "My Teams" section you will see your team listed for the Kansas City Invitational Tournament. Click on your team name to view the Team Detail page.
    7. Click on each document name (Official Roster, guest permit, etc.) to move the document from the master list (left column) to the tournament document list (right column). Once the document is in the right hand column and ready to be submitted for review, select "Submitted" from the drop down menu.
    8. Once your documents are submitted, we will review the paperwork. It will read "Submitted", "In Review", "Approved" or "Rejected." If necessary, we will notify you of documents that are not acceptable or any changes that need to be made.

    Documents must be uploaded, not emailed to tournament staff. The deadline to complete this process is Midnight on Wednesday prior to tournament start date.


    Heartland tournaments are ‘stay to play’ tournaments and a condition of acceptance requires every “out of town” team to utilize one of the sanctioned hotels and book the rooms through Global Connections, Inc. (GCI) using their online request system at www.GCITeamTravel.com.

    Global Connections has worked closely with the local hotels and has secured the best rates possible for these tournaments.  Outstanding properties will be available at affordable prices.  Various options will also be available to satisfy team needs and all budgetary considerations.  A list of hotels for each specific tournament can be found online.

    Contact information for GCI Travel:

    Website: https://www.gciteamtravel.com

    Lindasy Brocato OR Lori Murawski
    913.660.7756 * [email protected] 913.660.7767 * [email protected]

    This is a Stay and Play Tournament

    The Stay and Play policy applies to all tournaments held at SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex and GARMIN Olathe Soccer Complex. The policy states that in order to participate in a tournament event all out of town teams are required to book hotel rooms in one of several tournament-approved hotels located in Overland Park or Olathe.

    All out of town teams must book hotel rooms through GCI Travel or they will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.


    We are fortunate to have multi-million-dollar world class soccer facilities that were built and funded with hotel, entertainment and tax incentives. As the soccer users, for the cities and developers to invest in and build these world class complexes, we (the soccer users) agreed to contracts with the complexes and/or cities require Stay and Play for all out of town teams. One of the main reasons’ cities build world class soccer complexes like ours is because of the positive economic impact they have on their area. A big driver of economic impact is hotel nights.