Hotel Reservations

These tournaments are “stay to play” tournaments. A condition of acceptance requires every “out of town” team to utilize one of the sanctioned hotels and book the rooms through Global Connections, Inc. (GCI) using their online request system at

Global Connections has worked closely with the local hotels and has secured the best rates possible for these tournaments. Outstanding properties will be available at affordable prices. Various options will also be available to satisfy team needs and all budgetary considerations. A list of hotels for each specific tournament can be found online.

Contact information for GCI Travel:
[row] [third_column] Lindasy Brocato
Phone: 913-660-7756
Email: [email protected]
[/third_column] [third_column] Lori Murawski
Phone: 913-660-7767
Email: [email protected]
[/third_column] [third_column] Website
[/third_column] [/row]