Reschedule Policy

Effective Fall 2019, there will be a $50 reschedule fee to be paid by the team requesting a reschedule. The only exception to the reschedule fee is if, by chance, you request a day off on your conflict dates and our schedulers make a mistake and schedule you for a game. There is no cost for the reschedule correction.

  1. You must first contact the opposing team manager and/or coach. Team contact information can be found using the following link:
  2. BOTH coaches will need to agree on two (2) available re-schedule dates that suit both teams. Do not send in the online form until BOTH teams agree on two (2) dates. Please note – the rainout weeked is NOT available for reschedules.
  3. Once you have agreed on two (2) dates, BOTH teams must fill out the online reschedule form and submit it. Upon receiving the re-schedule request, Heartland will confirm the request with both teams by e-mail, giving them the date, time and field.
  4. The game will then be posted on our website with the new information. (The rescheduled game will appear in red on the schedule)
  5. If the opposition will not agree to the reschedule, the game will be played on the original date and location or it will be regarded as a forfeit. (Follow point 10 if forfeiting)
  6. We have a flexible re-scheduling policy and will work with teams to the utmost of our abilities.
  7. A valid reason must be provided for a re-schedule. Re-scheduling games causes issues/concerns for both teams, managers and families. Abusing this system will create an adjustment to our flexible re-scheduling policy. Valid reasons would include participating in a new tournament, shortage of players due to ACT tests, etc. Missing a coach or key player would NOT be considered a valid reason!
  8. Any changes that need to be made during the season must be received a minimum of 10 days prior to the original game date. Games will not be rescheduled if the request is received less than 10 days prior to the scheduled game date. No Exceptions!
  9. Note, requests MUST go through the team manager and coach.
  10. Teams MUST notify the office by emailing [email protected] (provide game number, date, time, location and field number) and their opponent of the forfeit. Failure to notify both will result in a $100 no-show fee.
  11. Reschedule payments can be made online at online reschedule form. The payment gateway will be activated at the start of the season.