Heartland Referee Awards

In 2019 the Heartland Board of Directors authorized the Referee Development Program to recognize officials that made exceptional contributions to the Heartland ecosystem. The following awards were initiated:

Iron Man

Showing up for assignments is the first step in the job of being a soccer Referee. These officials did this more than anyone else. When you think of the weather in Kansas, this means they worked in the cold, the wet, the heat and the wind. Each of these winners did more than 160 matches in 2019:

  • Sterling Hammett
  • Brooklyn Swanger
  • Alan Rosenak
  • Jason Schierbaum
  • John Knapp
  • Davis Kinch
  • Cole Moberly
  • Oliseh Chuks
  • Mark Kinch

Outstanding Assistant Referees

This award recognizes consistent effort and performance in the role of an Assistant Referee. Everyone would like to have these officials on their line.

  • Christina Gbenado
  • Leah Cooper
  • Gabrielle Klein
  • Adam Wiman
  • Anabel Brigmann
  • Evelyn Vitali

Rookies of the Year

In 2019 we certified over 500 new Referees. This award recognizes those who distinguished themselves through their performance in their first year as a certified Referee:

  • Joshua Huayaban
  • Sierra Pint
  • Eric Munch

Most Improved

When effective Referees work hard to improve, their efforts are visible to the Field Marshalls, the coaches, the players and the fans. These Referees continued to strive to get even more consistent and effective throughout the year:

  • Keegan Ellis
  • Chris Nosworthy
  • Raghav Rao
  • Sydney Hammett

Referee of the Year

This prestigious award goes to a Referee that anyone would be happy to see in the middle of their match.

  • Ryan Frier