Heartland Soccer Association Spring Season One of the Largest Association In the Nation

Apr 25, 2011News

Heartland Soccer Association has 820 teams registered to play in their league this spring at the new state-of-the-art Overland Park Soccer Complex and Heritage Soccer Park.

Heartland Soccer Association (non-profit) is primarily a youth soccer league. With more than 800 teams, 12,000 players, 500 coaches and 600 referees, Heartland is one of the largest soccer associations in the nation. In addition to league play, Heartland hosts about 8 tournaments a year ranging anywhere from 90 to 450 teams per tournament. Overland Park Soccer Complex is Heartland’s primary tournament venue.

With the success of the leagues and tournament, Heartland has seen a large increase in teams each season. Dating back to spring 2009, there were 689 teams; spring 2010 had 766 teams and fall 2010 had 803 teams.

Despite the out-of-town teams traveling to participate, Heartland Soccer is made up of mostly Johnson County and Kansas City metro teams. 55% of their tournaments and 90% of their leagues are local Kansas City metro teams.

Spring season starts March 12th and runs through June 5th. Heartland will host The Border Battle Tournament on March 4-6th at the Overland Park Soccer Complex.