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If you’ve ever played competitive sports, you know starting a new season means a lot of hard work and practice. (It’s a good thing sports are fun.) It’s also normal to feel a little nervous about starting, especially if this … Continued

Staying in the groove of an exercise routine can be challenging enough. Add seasonal allergies into the mix and between the runny nose, watery eyes, congestion, sneezing fits, fatigue and other annoying symptoms, it can be hard to be motivated … Continued

04/25/2018 News, Sponsor

By Justin Conner, MD Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine expert What to do when your young athlete takes a hard knock You’re in the stands cheering. There’s a whistle – and it’s your son or daughter on the ground … Continued

03/29/2018 News, Sponsor

Not everyone likes organized sports or team sports. If this sounds like one of your kids, don’t sweat it. With a better understanding or a few changes, you and your kids might find out there is an athletic activity out … Continued

02/16/2018 News

Wrong fuel = poor performance Many young athletes either don’t eat breakfast or eat the wrong thing for breakfast. They may even skipp lunch. Don’t forget “breakfast” literally remains “to break a fast “. This means after sleeping all night … Continued

12/21/2017 News, Sponsor
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