Things You Probably Don’t Know about HSA

Jul 7, 2015News

I bet you probably do not know this about Heartland (HSA) league and tournaments…

Most people do not know that league fees have not gone up in over 10+ years. The reason HSA has not raised fees is that we use tournament profits to subsidize the cost of your league play. Each year, more than $300,000 of HSA tournament profit goes toward league field rental, referee pay, referee training programs, medical and operating costs. With this subsidy, HSA has been able to maintain the same league fees that we had way back before 2004, even with the addition of world-class soccer complexes of SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex and Swope Soccer Village.

Can you think of another one of your expenses that has not risen over the past 10 years?

At HSA, we would like to thank you for continuing to choose our tournaments. You can feel good knowing that you are choosing Heartland, a non-profit organization because, as a non-profit, we do not distribute profits to shareholders or owners. Instead we dedicate tournament profits to subsidize your league fees. Your tournament patronage allows for these continued low league fees, and we thank you.

Right now, we have two great early tournaments. Each one is a wonderful opportunity for your teams to get in extra, early season games. We understand it is frustrating when you register for a tournament, but you may not be accepted to play due to the large number of teams wanting to play at SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex and Swope Soccer Village.

This is your chance to get locked into play because both the Fall KickOff Classic August 14 – 16 and Midwest Classic Sep 4 – 7 have guaranteed acceptance for teams that register now!! If you want to make sure you play this season, do not wait; register for one of these two tournaments now at

Five BIG reasons to register now…

1. There is guaranteed acceptance for all teams registering now for the Fall Kick Off Classic and Midwest Classic.

2. Games are played at the World-Class Soccer Complexes of SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex and Swope Soccer Village.

3. All teams compete on the best turf in the USA.

4. You can kick off your season with great competition from 12+ states across the Midwest.

5. With the largest tournaments in the Midwest, we have Gold, Silver, and Bronze Divisions to accommodate all levels of play and provide healthy, strong competition.

Register now at