2018 Heartland Award Winners Announced

Jan 17, 2019News


Congratulations to the Award Winners for the 2018 soccer seasons   

These individuals will be honored and recognized at the upcoming Heartland Soccer Awards Gala on February 2, 2019 at Prairie Fire in Overland Park, KS.

Administrator of the Year

Nicole Fergus – Metro United

Andy Weber – TOCA (KPSL)

Andrew Fletcher – Topeka Select

Kristy Watson – Sporting Lee’s Summit

Annie Brooks – Sporting Blue Valley

Tom Holmes – Overland Park Soccer Club

Tammy Panarisi – Sporting Missouri Valley


Individuals That Go Above and Beyond

Alee Phillips – Jambars (KPSL)

Sean Molen – North East United

Ralph Garvin – Sporting Lee’s Summit

Mark Smith – Sporting Blue Valley

Rocky Denney – Metro United


Girls Coach of the Year

Steve Loy – Topeka Select

Matt Allen – North East United

Chris Katterhenry – Sporting Blue Valley

Danielle Orel – Metro United

Dan Brown – KCSG (KPSL)


Boys Coach of the Year

William Mallot – Sporting Blue Valley

Tim Chik – Overland Park Soccer Club

Mike Welch – Sporting Missouri Valley

Brian Hoffman – Metro United

Joe Comparato – Jambars (KPSL)

Elizabeth Barton – North East United


Heartland Soccer Hall of Fame Individual

Andy Barney – KC Legends (KPSL)

Alan Krause – North East United

Jeff Dimon – Sporting Blue Valley

David Hejduk – Overland Park Soccer Club

Rob Mogren – Metro United


Heartland Soccer Hall of Fame Player 

Matt Besler – KPSL KCFC

Haley Hanson – Sporting Blue Valley


Outstanding A.R. Performance

Britnee Miller

Jarrett Boeschen

Nicholas Schmidt


Iron Man Award

Alan Rosenak

Du Le

Wilbert Odums

Mourad Kahlil

Andreas Georgiou

Tiffany Ngo

John Knapp


Field Marshall of the Year

Travis Feeback

Kenda Bartkowski


Rookie of the Year

Brayden Souter

Andrew Brown

Angela Deflorio


Most Improved Referee

Logan Clark

Cole Moberly

Lucas Cuejilo

Grace Hall


Referee of the Year 

TJ Lipari


Corporate Partner of the Year 

HCA Midwest

Sporting Kansas City


Distinguished Service Award

Len Boxler – Overland Park Soccer Club and HSA Board Member