Update on play with Heartland Soccer League

Apr 3, 2020News

Update: April 1st, 2020

Like all of you at home, we continue to monitor the widespread impact of COVID-19 on our community. In response to this rapidly evolving situation, we recently took the necessary step of postponing youth soccer activities and programming through April 30. All three entities are aligned in our goal to preserve the health and safety of players, coaches, families, referees, employees and the general public.

During this time, we are working diligently with local and national public health authorities and government officials to help combat the COVID-19 crisis. We continue our active dialogue with these parties and will provide all necessary updates as they arise.

As this process unfolds, we remain determined to play the 2020 spring soccer season. We are working with our soccer complex partners and clubs collectively evaluating multiple models for rescheduling matches. Among the possible solutions is lengthening the season (June/July) and utilizing weekday’s for games. Such an alternative would give everyone involved an extended platform to emerge from this societal setback and transition back to normalcy in the welcome company of teammates, friends, family and others tied to the sport we love.

As we navigate these adverse and unprecedented times together, our utmost priority is your health and safety. We cannot wait to continue serving the soccer community by uniting players and families in an environment that embodies our core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect and teamwork. For many of us, soccer is a tremendous source of self-esteem, self-confidence, healthy exercise, friendship and happiness. Playing the game gives us the physical, mental and social wellbeing needed in times of hardship, and we are extremely excited for soccer events to resume in due course.

Your support in this challenging climate has never meant as much to us as it does now. With a keen eye for better days ahead, we hope to deliver positive updates in the near term.

We extend our sincere thanks and wish all the best for you and your families.

Stay safe and be well.