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Teaching Gratitude with Youth Athletes

Teaching Gratitude with Youth Athletes

#1: UNDERSTAND PROCESS VERSUS OUTCOME Gratitude helps ground athletes in the present moment by reminding them of the positives that are happening right now. Depending on what an athlete is struggling with, you may find that getting them to be more attentive to...

Proper Hydration for Your Athlete

Proper Hydration for Your Athlete

Proper hydration in youth sports can be easily overlooked, but it’s important to keep in mind. Kids are often in warm environments when they participate in sports – on a field on a hot summer day, in a stuffy gym, or buried under layers of heavy protective equipment...

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Breast Cancer Awareness – Fast Facts About Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and at HCA Midwest Health and Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute, we are dedicated to continuing to deliver world class care in the prevention and treatment of this disease. We want to take the time this month to celebrate survivors...

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Fun Moves for Better Agility

Agility, or the ability to react quickly to change without losing your balance, is an important skill not only for playing sports, but also for everyday living. Strength training helps improve agility, but so do balance and coordination exercises. Simple moves include...

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There’s a Downside to Vigorous Interval Training

High-intensity interval training may boost your fitness at a cost -- perhaps increasing your risk for injuries. This popular type of training combines aerobics, weight lifting and calisthenics at maximum effort, followed by recovery periods. "These workouts are...

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December 2021