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Huw Savage Joins Heartland Soccer as Referee Director and Assignor

Huw Savage Joins Heartland Soccer as Referee Director and Assignor Jeff Bingman moves to Director of Field Marshals and On-Site Referee Assignor  Overland Park, KS – Heartland Soccer Association announces the appointment of Huw Savage to the position of Referee...

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

You've probably heard the long-standing wisdom that you should drink 64 ounces—that's eight, eight-ounce glasses—every day, no matter what. But the truth might be a little more complicated. Since hydration needs can vary tremendously based on your body type or your...

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Should You Work Out Twice a Day?

When it comes to exercise, it can be hard enough to get to the gym once a day, let alone twice, but sometimes multiple workouts (also known as doubles) make sense. Wondering if working out twice a day might be for you? Consider the following. If you're an experienced...

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Snacks to Fuel and Refuel Your Body

Being an athlete is practically a part time job. Think of the time you spend riding, running, lifting, doing drills, stretching, driving to and from the gym, taking extra showers and all the extra things that come along with training. Accomplishing this makes a person...

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Laws of the Game Changes Effective for Fall Season

FIFA has changed the Laws of Game effective June 1, 2019. There have been several changes to the Laws that we will be enforcing beginning in the Fall at Heartland for league and tournament play. This note will highlight these changes and provide you with a copy of the...

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